[ROUND LAB] 1025 Dokdo Sleeping Pack 100ml
ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Sleeping Pack 100ml Features A all-in-one sleeping pack that reduces sebum while making the skin supple thank to the ingredient, PHA. 74 kinds of natural minerals in the deep sea water of Ulleungdo maintain the moisture...
$48.14 $45.73
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[ROUND LAB] 1025 Dokdo Ampoule - 45g Korea Cosmetic
[Description]FEATURES-A small yet powerful moisturizing ampoule infused with low-molecular Hyaluronic acid for an instant moisturizing effect.-Ulleung Island's deep sea water enriched with 72 kinds of minerals that helps maintain optimal skin oil-water balance.-Panthenol, Betaine and DPG effectively soothe your irritated...
$40.14 $38.13
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